Here are some everyday problems organisations ask when confronting software issues.

Click on the topics below to see how mooooch can tackle your problems using our common sense approach.

A very common cry from many companies. The volume and range of information recorded in databases now is huge, but is largely an untapped resource.

For example, you most probably have Microsoft Office installed on your PC. In our experience organisations use only 40% of the functionality available within Word, Excel and Powerpoint. So why not let mooooch show you how to get better value, ie save time and therefore reduce your costs, from your existing Office products.

Here are some examples, by extracting data from your databases directly, of how you could be utilising these Office applications without purchasing additional software.

Use Excel to analyse and produce reports from financial data
Use Word to automatically produce a customer review containing information such as, customer contacts, outstanding orders, sales history, unpaid invoices, previous contact information, and all within the one document, even if the data is held in more than one database.
Use Powerpoint to automatically load a quotation into one or more slides, within a standard presentation to a potential customer

As Microsoft Office products are installed on nearly all PC's, any application generated file (eg. Excel report), can be emailed and the recipient will be able to read it. No additional software required.

The scope of using these products is limitless, think of the time saved for example, by automatically creating just one document with sales history, contact details, unpaid invoices for your sales people to create themselves when they need it (either in the office or on the road) before attending a meeting with a customer.

Information that would take a sales administrator one day to compile and format. The reduced costs to your organisation from this one example are obvious and all without any additional software expenditure!

mooooch has considerable expertise in extracting information from organisations core databases and using Office applications to manipulate this data into any format you require. Take a look at our Software Review service where we can identify areas in your organisation where we could save you time, by exploiting the full benefit of your existing software.

They may send their representative around every now again, but what you really want is for someone who understands your business and your business processes and spend some time with you.

We have a technical understanding of what software is capable of doing and put forward creative ways of using software solutions to make your business processes run more efficiently,to save you time and reduce your costs.

As part of our software review service we will re-visit your company after 6 months to spend a day with you. The purpose is to check on your progress, give advice, and see if as a result of a business priority which wasn't there before, we need to change or add to the recommendations made six months earlier.

Why do we do this? Because to advice properly, it is important we understand your business priorities and how your business software interacts and integrates with those priorities.

By keeping up to speed with your business, we give some additional support and advice, which will benefit you, but also we hope you will choose mooooch if you require a further software review in the future, because we understand your business, give excellent advice and offer a fair deal.

We have experience in finding the right packages for your business, relieving you from time stealing meetings and software demonstrations with re-sellers. Once we have narrowed the search we will recommend 2 packages for you to see and evaluate yourself.

However, we don't just choose software on gut feeling; the software package you are about to purchase, will be with you for then next 5 to 10 years, we must be certain it has the functionality to match and help with your most important processes.

We have developed a methodology as part of our Software Purchasing service where we can evaluate a software package in a quantitive way. A set of criteria are defined, based up on what processes are important to you and how the package performs these processes.

For example, input of a purchase order in 30 seconds would be important to an organisation that buys a lot of raw materials.

For each criteria defined, a score is given based on how well the package performs against the criteria. All scores are totalled to give a final value for the package. This allows packages to be compared objectively based up on your needs, rather than a subjective gut feeling.

We will define these criteria by talking to your people, they are then applied to a number of software packages on the market to produce a short list of 2 for you to fully evaluate. In choosing either of these, you could be certain you have a package that closely fits your business processes.

Planning your software purchases, implementations over the oncoming 12 months is essential to your business. It formulates any software spend into your budget and based on what your sales revenue is expected to be, can be phased when most appropiate to your business to avoid cash flow problems.

However there is more to take account of than just planning the purchase of a software package, at mooooch we have a Forward Action Plan service which we have found essential when constructing a software plan for your business that matches your business priorities over the next 12 months.

In producing your business software action plan here are some of the points we will cover.
Talk to your employees to find any areas of your current software that are deficient. Investigate if any of these deficiencies are just training issues.
If there is an area where you current software cannot perform the task, we will look at software solutions that can. This may entail looking at creative ways of using your existing software, purchasing a new package, or a bespoke solution.
What are your employee numbers likely to be in 12 months time, are your existing software licenses still valid for this number or will you need to purchase additional licenses. One of the good things about this exercise is it will make you think about who is using the software and ask the question do they need to. Could that license be better used by someone else?

The object is to build a list of requirements which will save the business time over the oncoming 12 months. However each requirement must have a cost associated and an estimated time to deliver it, and is then compared with your general business plan for the year.

This is no wish list, a requirement must be able to contribute towards the overall aim of the business; those that cannot are removed.

From this process we will produce a costed software action plan for your business that can be budgeted and phased to keep your cash flow under control.

Say goodbye to unbudgeted surprises in the middle of the financial year

Getting around a software issue will end up as additional effort when trying to record information. This is an increased cost to the business and should be avoided.

We will make any minor change (up to half a day work) to a specification whether it has been signed off or not free of charge.

We will make any minor change (up to half a day programming) to one of our bespoke solutions after it has been delivered to you, free of charge.

We have years of experience developing bespoke applications and we want you to know, when specifying a solution or when a solution is delivered, you don't have to put down on paper every single functional aspect of your system from the outset.

We can't remember everything and we are sure you can't either. With our Bespoke Programming service you can have the confidence to know that the fine tuning that all systems need, will not cost you one extra penny.

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